Like many liberals in the Bush years, Justin Krebs needed a drink.  So he and friends started Drinking Liberally -- getting together in a bar to talk politics.  One liberal told another who told another and soon Americans everywhere were taking part.  Living Liberally now incorporates Eating Liberally meals, Screening Liberally films, Laughing Liberally comedy, and Reading Liberally book clubs.  Around the country, in 300 communities, more than 50,000 proud liberals who have found their political home.

As the organization grew, Justin realized how much more we could do to live our liberal values beyond voting and campaigning. Food and entertainment choices should reflect our values.  We should choose media, retail and community resources free from corporate control. We should bring the spirit of shared goals and common resource into interactions with neighbors and coworkers.  Drawing from stories from across the Unites States, Justin offers 538 ideas on how you can make a difference in your everyday life.

Justin Krebs is a political & cultural entrepreneur based in New York City.  He is co-founder of Living Liberally and serves as one of the organizations National Directors.  He is one of the founders and Artistic Directors of The Tank, a non-profit venue for performing arts and public affairs in Manhattan.  Over the past decade, he has been an Activist Fellow for CREDO in San Francisco, managed issue advocacy campaigns in New York City, produced an award-winning documentary for PBS on youth civic engagement, and served in the office of US Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton.  He has published “Grounds For Play,” a history of playgrounds in New York.  He is a NJ native, Harvard alum and New Yorker for the past decade.

Living Liberally is regularly covered on NPR, has been featured in the New York Times and has been lampooned on The Daily Show.  Chances are that there is a chapter near you.

June 11, 2010