About Justin

Justin Krebs is a political strategist, entrepreneur and author based in New York City. 

His work includes founding and running national and local non-profit and for-profit entities, consulting with progressive allies, media outlets and commercial partners, serving as a professional facilitator and trainer, and authoring books and articles about politics and culture.

Justin is a founder and National Director of Living Liberally, the network of over 200 progressive social communities.  Through its Drinking Liberally happy hours, Laughing Liberally comedy events, Screening Liberally film series and other programs, Living Liberally provides liberals around the country with political homes in big cities and small towns, including the most conservative areas.

Justin is also a founder and long-time Board Chair of The Tank, a home performing arts in Manhattan.  Each year, The Tank presents more new works by emerging artists than any other venue in the city.

As a strategist and consultant, Justin has worked throughout the progressive movement.  He has worked with labor unions, good government advocates, immigration rights organizations, progressive media outlets and a host of other non-profit allies.  He has been a Fellow of the New Organizing Institute in Washington and of CREDO Action in San Francisco.  He also has worked on local and state campaigns with a focus on public space, culture and civic engagement.  He has served as a facilitator and moderator for conferences and retreats with non-profit foundations and for-profit clients.  He has also worked with the commercial sector on branding, marketing and strategy projects.

Justin is the author of "538 Ways to Live, Work and Play Like a Liberal" (Skyhorse, 2010) as well as a history of New York City playgrounds entitled "Grounds for Play."  He was a regular opinion contributor to WNYC's website through the 2012 elections.  His next book will be published by the New Press in 2015.

Over the past 15 years, Justin has managed a citywide parks advocacy campaign, produced an award-winning documentary, led a nationwide political comedy tour, and occasionally conducted trainings in improvisation for private clients.  He is a graduate a Harvard, a native of Highland Park, New Jersey, and a resident of Park Slope.

June 11, 2010