FDL Book Salon Today

This afternoon, I get the opportunity for a special conversation: the FireDogLake Book Salon.

I've now done over 20 events in bookstores and bars, with DL chapters and local liberals.  This will be my first online book salon -- and Bev and David and the FDL folks have been terrific setting it up.

So if you're free 5pm eastern today, I'll be chatting about the book, the tour and how to live like a liberal for two hours -- come check it out.

August 01, 2010

Photos from the Second City

Serge came by the DL in Chicago and snapped a handful of shots.  Check out what these local liberals look like.

July 28, 2010

A Stereotype of Myself

I arrived into O'Hare today and immediately went to an interview with VIA Times, the producer of Philippines programming for greater Chicagoland.  After that, with a couple hours to kill before tonight's event at Sheffield's, what did I do?

Found a local, fair-trade, free wi-fi, neighborhood-art-on-the-walls, freelancer haven cafe called Kickstand.  Yes, I am living my own stereotrype.

If it's any consequence, I would have seen Ironman II and had a beer but the View and Brew I passed doesn't do matinees.

July 27, 2010

A Little Hands-On Marketing in Cambridge

A 24-hour trip to Boston gave me the chance to hang out by Harvard Square and see which of my old bookstores were carrying the book.

Was excited to find out the Harvard Bookstore has it in stock.  So a friend and I went by, found it, and engaged in a little direct action marketing.

Check out the before-and-after of our handiwork below.



July 15, 2010

New Brunswick to Boston

One thing I've learned in the past two weeks of touring:  I don't have nearly as much time to blog as I thought I would.

Every night has been a lively discussion, a great new crew of liberal drinkers, and so much to write about.  And every day has been travel, logistics and just keeping my inbox under 100.

Which means I haven't gotten to tell stories of the sandwich party at Traction in Durham or the great venue, Busboys & Poets, in DC, or about the C.O.W.S. in Claremont...the Claremont Older Women Soccer league.

July 13, 2010

Kickstarter Campaign Complete

Thank you -- 77 friends and allies contributed to the campaign to cover book tour costs. We've raised the $5,000 that was my goal for this Kickstarter campaign. Just in time too, as the campaign ends today.

This money will help be get to Chicago, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Covington, Cincinnati and Indianapolis at the end of July and into early August -- and now, I can start planning my next trip after that with equal confidence.

Cheers -- thank you for the support.
July 12, 2010

Celebrate the 4th of July, Liberally

(cross-posted from Truthout)

As we prepare to enjoy barbecues and watch fireworks this Fourth of July, there's no reason to leave liberal politics at the door. Independence Day is a holiday today's American liberals should embrace. It is an opportunity to highlight what's best in America by promoting the progressive values that animate our country. It's a time to Celebrate Liberally.
July 03, 2010

San Francisco, Pasadena and a Missed Shot in Oakland

The Book Tour has begun -- but it began problematically.

On Sunday, rather than enjoying Luka's delicious brunch with a major Oakland street festival just yards away, I was sitting in Laguardia airport going slightly insane.

Everything has improved since.
June 30, 2010

Book Launch Coming Soon

This week and next are all about preparing for the tour.  I'm hitting the road in 9 days -- with the goal of 50 cities before the midterm elections.

So the blogging will be a little light for now, but more will come soon.

And of course, if you're in New York, come by The Tank on the 21st for the Book Launch party.

June 17, 2010