A Completely Impartial and Unbiased Review

Dan Henry -- the dynamic host of our Idaho Falls chapter, a surprising hotbed of progressive organizing -- has written up a review of the book.  Take it with a grain of salt: as he acknowledges, his own appearance throughout the book might color his perceptions.

Here are a few of his thoughts:

"538 Ways may sound like a catalog of rules that nobody could live up to, when it is anything but. Krebs weaves a narrative of culture, family, history, and experience that speeds along without getting bogged down in some sort of dry checklist. This is no prescriptive manual for living as a liberal. It is a helpful dialog of the many ways that liberal ideology can be seamlessly woven into our lives in ways that feel effortless.

"Just like the concept behind Drinking Liberally, Justin's approach is relaxed, easy-going, and non-confrontational."

Hmm...."non-confrontational" may not be the praise most politicos seek, but in our often divisive political climate, I welcome it.

September 28, 2010