Manhattan Young Dems Digs "538 Ways"

Taylor Stirek, president of the award-winning Manhattan Young Dems, wrote up a review of the book on the MYD website.

She's also begun to put some of the ideas to work in her own life:

In NYC especially it’s easy to keep your head down and not talk to people, but imagine for a minute looking up and engaging. Personally, I’ve started waving to the owner of my local deli every night when I get home, which makes me feel safer when it’s later at night.  I’ve started talking to the teenagers on my block. Turns out they’re a creative bunch of kids with keen interests in music and art.  Not bad for my tiny corner of the city!

Thanks, Taylor -- keep up the great work, MYD, and good luck with your summer barbecue this weekend.

July 15, 2010