My Time with Iowa Conservative Radio Host Jan Mickelson

I had my first chance to speak with a conservative radio host (the author of the great cover story in The Weekly Standard didn't want to chat with me for his piece) -- and it was an educational experience.  Jan was affable, trading barbs, teasing but remaining a positive host.  I could see why he had a radio show.

That was the first half.

About midway, he turned his attention to an issue he thought his listeners would be curious to hear from a New Yorker about: the Islamic Cultural Center.  Or, as he said ominously: "The Mosque."

We talked about tolerance and the challenges to democracy.  It was less playful.  It clearly touched on both of our nerves.  At one point he said, "The Golden Rule doesn't apply."

Overall, I enjoyed meeting him.  Even after the interview, he acknowledged that mores were changing on a range of issues, specifically equal marriage rights.  I feel like we could have talked more over a beer.  Or maybe on a walking tour of lower Manhattan if he ever wants to see NYC up close.

Listen for yourself if you have a few minutes.

Bonus: folks who tuned in to his show to know what conservatives are up to came out to our event that night and bought my book...thanks, Jan!

August 21, 2010