Monday, July 26th - Brooklyn

Mon, 07/26/2010 - 7:30pm - 8:30pm

Living Liberally Panel: Colin Beavan, Fran Hawthorne, & Justin Krebs

Monday, July 26, 7:30 PM
Greenlight Bookstore
686 Fulton Street
Living Liberally: A Panel Discussion of the Costs, Benefits, and Absurdities of Striving for Progressive Ideals in Everyday Life

Colin Beavan, author of No Impact Man: The Adventures of a Guilty Liberal Who Attempts to Save the Planet, and the Discoveries He Makes About Himself and Our Way of Life in the Process

Fran Hawthorne, author of The Overloaded Liberal: Shopping, Investing, Parenting and Other Daily Dilemmas in an Age of Political Activism

Justin Krebs, author of 538 Ways to Live, Work, and Play Like a Liberal

American consumers have more information than ever about the way their choices affect the planet – and the moral implications of those choices can be liberating or paralyzing. Three panelists this evening discuss their perspectives on the progressive or liberal lifestyle. New Yorker Colin Beavan famously chronicled his attempt to live “off the grid” in his blog, book and film No Impact Man, and continues to work on sustainability projects. Brooklyn journalist Fran Hawthorne takes a look at how Americans are caught between consumerist culture and global ethics in their daily choices in The Overloaded Liberal. Huffington Post columnist Justin Krebs is the co-founder of the nonprofit Living Liberally; his book 538 Ways includes ideas and tips for a more environmentally friendly, socially conscious, and liberally minded life.


July 12, 2010